Divorce – If you and your spouse have reached the point where a divorce is the only avenue left – WE CAN HELP!!   The separation of a marital relationship can be very stressful, and very costly, if not handled properly.  We can help you navigate through the ugly and muddy waters of a divorce, and will try to get to your desired result, while trying to keep the cost and stress to a minimum.

Child Support – If you are owed child support from a divorced spouse, or are being pursued for payment of past or additional child support, WE CAN HELP!!  Our family law attorneys are very familiar with the laws governing child support, and are experienced with working with the Attorney General office.

Custody – Custody battles involve the important issue of what is best for the child of a separated couple.   Our family lawyers have personal experience with issues, and thus, are sympathetic and compassionate about providing the best representation for our clients.